Market/Catering and Banquet Room


Multi-Tiered Food Heaven


De Romo's Banquet RoomYou could call DeRomo’s Gourmet Market & Restaurant a destination immersed in the Italian American culture of food, family and good conversation. Some may even say it’s a venue that is changing the way Southwest Floridians, snowbirds and visitors think about authentic Italian meals. While all of this is true, it can be qualified with a single, simple sentence — DeRomo’s is a multi-tiered food heaven. And why? — because the Market is broken into a whopping 12 departments, Catering offers two different menus divided into dozens of courses, and the Banquet Room options and packages accommodate a minimum of 14 special occasions — all which have mesmerizingly gorgeous food at their core. Now, we invite you to try a piece of our own Little Italy — or as many pieces as you desire.

Gourmet Market

We’re well aware that “gourmet” is used often and with pride. But here at DeRomo’s, it is also taken seriously. When we say “gourmet” with regards to our market, it means oodles of imported, domestic, conventional and organic ingredients expertly incorporated into our bakery, premium meat and poultry station, fresh seafood department, pizzeria, artisanal cheese shop, deli and charcuterie, produce, specialty grocery items, wines & spirits and even gift baskets. With unparalleled customer service by team members who range from award- winning student chefs to executive pâtissiers, every culinary need is met with taste that is not only exceptional, but as consistent as the beauty of Italy from one coast to the next.

If you cannot choose among our plethora of Market options or just want to avoid the fuss and muss that comes with cooking after a long day, take advantage of our Gourmet To-Go menu. That’s traditional Italian and comfort

foods along with daily-made sides, as well as dinner-for-two meal packages of chicken or fish and platters of veggies, shrimp cocktail and more. It’s an option worth careful consideration!

Other worthy options include Market foods — such as pasta made directly in our on-site Pastaria — packaged in a specialty gift basket at the Gift Shop, as well as private-label products like olive oils and salad dressings sold directly on Amazon.

Full-Service Catering


De Romo's Banquet viewNow that you’ve taken a grand tour through the Market, imagine providing these worldly flavors to guests at your next party — and becoming the talk of the town without having to lift a finger. That’s the DeRomo’s full- service catering experience.

We’ll start with hors d’oeuvres by the dozen like Cajun shrimp skewers, chicken satay and beef tenderloin crostini. From there, you could satisfy your taste buds with house-made raviolis or baked pasta. Carnivorous guests can cut into prime beef tenderloin medallions with red wine demi-glace or full-pan rack of lamb. If you’re taking a meatless route, try the grouper piccata, Chilean seabass and other oceanic delicacies.

Classic and custom-made salads, hearty dips, party platters and sandwiches could make any sports-related event fun and oh so inviting. But of course, don’t deprive your guests of our divine cookies and pastries, including cannoli, rum or blackout cakes. And let’s not forget pignoli, amaretto, regina and rainbow cookies, along with napoleons and sfogliatella — and just about anything you have a craving for!

Corporate/Social Banquet Room


Chances are, there’s a wedding, cocktail party, fundraiser, networking event, anniversary, baby shower or bar/bat mitzvah in your future. That’s every reason why DeRomo’s Banquet Room should be at the top of your venue list. A luxurious space surrounding elegant boutiques and breathtaking water features, this highly versatile facility grants guests complete access to the DeRomo’s Gourmet Restaurant menu — taking your Saturday-night dinner date to a large-scale corporate or social level with the same delectable choices. We can also customize that menu to any theme that fits your occasion.

A professional party expert will coordinate your food and bar packages, décor, vendors and keepsake gifts — all at prices that meet your budget, time and vision. And you can help us help you by stopping by the Banquet Room to get a glimpse at what makes the site ideal for everyone — be it you or someone you know.

For more information on any of the above offerings at DeRomo’s Gourmet Market & Restaurant, call us at 239- 325-3583. It is always our greatest pleasure to provide you with a most authentic atmosphere — from one tier to another and so on!