Specialty Grocery


DeRomo’s Gourmet Market takes pride in bringing a wide variety of great food products to your table! A walk through our unique and creatively designed store is sure to introduce you to an impressive collection of imported, domestic, conventional and organic products. We have our own jarred and labeled sauces, dressings, olive oils, truffle oils, pastas, grains, vinegars and condiments, as well as chocolates, marinades, coffees, teas and seasonings.

Our gluten-free and organic groceries will accommodate all your dietary needs and preferences. With a gluten-free section of cookies, candies, pasta, wheat-less flours, pancake mixes and more, there is something to satisfy every taste and every palate.

Found a product you like? We’d love for you to take a photo (or write down the name) of the product and get it to us. Then, we’ll make every effort to locate and stock the product in our market.